Working together

You know those DS/Wii “Trauma Center” games, where you pretend to be a doctor and perform operations on pretend patients by applying antibiotic gel, cutting them open with a scalpel, using an ultrasound to find a tumour, make an incision, take it out with the tweezers, seal it up with an artificial membrane, secure it with antibiotic gel, drain some blood from the incision, suture it up, apply more antibioticgelandsecurethebandagequicklybeforetimerunsout?

Aaagh! The pressure!

You wouldn’t think they’d work all that well as a co-operative game.

But they do. Very well indeed.

Picture it – you and your significant other, desperately fighting against the clock and having to work together to keep the patient alive during the operation. While one of you drains the area and tries to piece the bones back together, the other is removing shards and injecting a stabilising drug. One of you drains, the other steps in quickly and sutures before it ruptures. Quick! We’re running out of time! I’ll apply the gel and you bandage! …We made it! With .56 of a second to spare!

And if you like gore in your videogames, IT DELIVERS.

You work together and it feels really good.

Trauma Center: New Blood – my new favourite couple videogame.

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4 Responses to Working together

  1. Northern Exposure says:

    I think when your significant other is working on draining other peoples boney areas, something is wrong.

  2. Anthony_ says:

    This blog makes you a criminal

  3. catchingfire says:

    I’ve played those games, and my “significant other” is my brother who does nothing but inject stabilizer into our poor tortured patient.

    Trauma Team is better than New Blood. *ominous*

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