Do Americans just suck at COD:MW2?

Quick question: does Infinity Ward make the matchmaking system in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 dodgy and unfair for non-Americans because American players are so bad they need all the help they can get? Has the company concluded that US players have no pride, that they don’t mind that every one of their kills against an overseas adversary is cheapened when the game does everything it can to hand them a ridiculous advantage?

Do Americans really need the free lag-kills against Australians and others shoved by the faulty IW game into US-hosted matches because they can’t compete on a level playing-field? Do Americans require the US company that makes the game to give them the extra assistance of precious extra seconds in every encounter, because if they didn’t then then those US customers would abandon them for a company willing to pander to their inadequacies? Are US players really so embarrassingly shit-house that they desperately need online game developers to cripple the game for their overseas competitors?

Or are US players equally as good as players around the world, and it’s just that Infinity Ward is an incompetent developer that doesn’t give a damn about its international customers?

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  1. brutalgod says:

    Sounds like Super Scrub got owned again and needs an excuse.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Why sir, I do believe you completely avoided the issue.

    Tell you what, I’ll happily take you on in a local-hosted one-on-one MW2 match any time. We’ll see who’s the “scrub”. If I’m so easy to “own”, you should have no problem slaughtering me.

  3. Jason says:

    Way to trivialise a big issue, brutalgod.

    This is the kind of thing that needs more attention brought on it, otherwise IW and other developers will just continue to not give a crap about the rest of the world.

  4. brutalgod says:

    Oh god, first it was Constitutions at dawn after a discussion on AG, then a debate at Egames and now the bloke who took me off his friends list is challenging me to a MW2 duel.I’m sure your FPS shooter powers are pretty much in line with your epic legal skills. Although I’m not sure if there are as many internet pages devoted to discussing your FPS skills.

    I too have struggled finding a decent connection on 360.
    But on PS3, the matchmaking works a treat since the patch. Pretty much green bar connections every match. The only downside is the wait if you are in a party of more than one friend. That shouldn’t really ever be a problem for you though hey Jeremy.

    What I don’t get is the difference between the experience on PSN and XBL. Is it the network rather than the developer? I don’t understand the mechanics of MP gaming(much like yourself Jeremy, remember the BF debate with Joab)

  5. Jeremy says:

    I’m sorry, “brutalgod”, was that a snide gibe at my profession? Based on, what – bankrupt, anonymous political opponents telling outright lies about me? Do you think that your ability to google stalk impresses anyone? (And how brave of you to do that from a position of complete anonymity yourself.)

    Is that what they’re teaching the kids nowadays – to hell with discussing the topic at hand, personal abuse is always a persuasive approach?

    See, the following part of your comment is actually on-topic and worthy of discussion:

    “What I don’t get is the difference between the experience on PSN and XBL. Is it the network rather than the developer? “

    Good question. (If only you hadn’t surrounded it with embarrassing name-calling.)

    Does anyone have any idea why the PSN matchmaking would be – apparently – better than that on Live?

    NOTE: Any further comments from you that include off-topic trolling about my personal or professional life will be deleted.

  6. Rohan says:

    Yesterday I played a big chunk ‘o MW2 online, and I must admit I’d gotten so used to terrible pings due to shit-house matchmaking that I was surprised to discovery that, when pings are levelled off due to a freak occurrence (finding a good server) I’m actually not as terrible a player as I’d thought.

  7. Jeremy says:

    It’s weird – I’m getting so used to having to lead targets by a huge amount that when I actually do get a decent connection, it takes a few matches to get back into the swing of shooting directly at targets!

  8. Anthony_ says:

    Meh I went 31 and 8 against Yanks with red bar last night. They’re shit house, would love to see what I would get with full green against them. :)

    On PSN IW have introduced a matchmaking patch which has not been release on Live. However PSN being a free network the matchmaking servers have to be hosted by the developers and have been getting overloaded.

  9. Jeremy says:

    Have you guys tried the One Man Army perk yet? I ignored it my first run through to 70; but giving it a go this time it’s bloody useful. You can set yourself up as a sniper with an infinite bag of claymores (max two at a time, though); or you can have a grenadier class with pretty much infinite grenades.

    I can’t believe I ignored it until now.

  10. Anthony_ says:

    Scavenger gives you the same infinite abilities as well. Click person dies on claymore, pick up their stuff you have another one.

  11. Jeremy says:

    True – although it’s not quite as flexible. Can’t switch between classes according to situation.

  12. Anthony_ says:

    It’s a trade off, One Man Army takes away your secondary.

  13. Jeremy says:

    True. My anti-air class uses scavenger pro for just that reason.

  14. Anthony_ says:

    IW suck, the DLC is within the packaged game.

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  16. Jarrah says:

    The strangest thing an American has said to me online when I mentioned the lag issue (being the only one on red with everyone else on full green, I suggested my 5-10 score wasn’t too bad) was:

    When will you Englishers realise that Modern Warfare is an American game, XBox is American…stop complaining!

  17. Jeremy says:

    That’s actually a remarkably common idiotic response.

    Really, Americans give Americans a bad name.

  18. Anthony_ says:

    My favourite is being asked are you from British?

  19. Rich B says:

    Im sick and f tired of getting matched with gamers in the USA, for the very reason the OP stated.
    Why the hell would ANY matching system think it will make for a good fair game by matching me with players on the other side of the world who have a big advantage over me evertime due to the lag issue!
    It sucks, Xbox live match making sucks, Microshaft suck.
    Im in the UK. TOP TIP, MATCH ME WITH PLAYERS IN THE UK!!!! Im sure theres bound to be one other UK player on SOMEWHERE for gods sake!

  20. Beep says:

    It’s not as if Americans never’s pretty sad when I have problems with lag almost every other game. I usually end up being booted but not after sitting there for at least a minute waiting for the damn thing to finally stop lagging. I actually prefer getting booted right away now since I’ve been lucky enough to walk off the roof in highrise due to lag =]. In my opinion online lags way too much for everyone and I wish they’d do something about it.

  21. Green says:

    lol,, does anyone know when IW’s gonna release the matchmaking patch for cod on 360?

  22. BRUTAL1TY UK says:

    im from the uk and when the americans come on xbox live it lags in every game and my connection goes down from 4 bars to 2!

  23. jeremy just sucks at games says:

    Ok jeremy you wanna bitch piss and moan that you go up agaist american’s and loss and say we suck because we have a online advantage? nice play the blame game and make excuses because you suck and your internet survice provider sucks also. do you homework USA has the number 1 technoloy in the world our internet is suprime, i download and stream 50 mb per second. fastest internet on the market thats why we dont lag because technology. should we get rid of our fast internet so you can have a better challage? what a laugh dont blame use blame your lame ass internet provider. and laughable technology before you point fingers at american’s

  24. Jeremy says:

    Our internet’s fine for the game – when we get hosting, there’s no lag at all.

    The problem is that IW has to help you guys by making you the hosts almost every time – and that it insists on chucking us in cross-Pacific matches with you. If you don’t want the rest of the world to be mocking you for the way the US company tilts the playing field in US players’ favour, then join us in asking them for a local match filter. Then neither lot of us will have to cope with cross-Pacific lag.

    (The funny thing is that even with the lag disadvantage we still kick your backsides.)

    PS please learn to use apostrophes. It’s embarrassing.

  25. BlackGazelle says:

    since it seem no other American can make a civilized comment i Not all of us over here suck or have bad internet. But the ones that do ruin the game we get just as annoyed here. I dont think that the game companys are doing this on purpose. But i don’t get how you guy get all the laggy matches i’ve only run into a few red bars.

  26. BlackGazelle says:

    sorry for any typos im using my wii :D

  27. Jeremy says:

    Um, I think you’ve missed the point – we’ve all got decent internet, the problem is that the pacific is huge. And a match between Americans and Australians will inevitably mean that the person not hosting will suffer lag.

    COD does not take this into account, in several ways.
    1. It almost always gives the US players hosting, disadvantaging everyone else.
    2. It keeps matching the rest of us with US hosts, instead of letting us play other local people.
    3. It doesn’t let you see until the game starts what kind of a connection it’s found.
    4. It punishes you if you quit a bad connection with that counting as a loss.

  28. Pendzich says:

    if u dont like the game or how iw made it dont buy it as for ur assumption that all american players are garbage and cannot play then you are retarded sell the game and go buy a wii instead its suited more towards the childish needs of retards

  29. Jeremy says:

    I *do* like the game – when it’s not hijacked by US hosts.

    And well done on completely missing the point. As for another assumption, that American COD players are dribbling morons who can’t read, US contributors to this thread have certainly been working hard to confirm it.

  30. Drosxo13 says:

    It’s true that cross pacific games lag way too much and 9 out of 10 times americans get the host.I’m from Greece ‘n’ most times we play with americans they get host and when they’re about to loose (domination) their host backs out to the dashboard and everyone gets a loss.No local doesn’t work and american players (most of them) don’t want it to

  31. Jeremy says:

    “local doesn’t work and american players (most of them) don’t want it to”

    Exactly. Being matched up with lag-affected players from around the world gives them an advantage they appear to need to be competitive.

  32. Nexus says:

    You know, I never stop to ask the other people in the lobby what country they are from. It just seems…really unimportant. I also suppose it could work the other way around. Suppose somebody from the UK, or an Aussie, or yeah it has happened, somebody from Japan/China/Korea (sorry, i don’t pretend to know the different dialects) has host. They have the same supposed advantage you are saying US players have. Frankly, it’s just a game…and MW2 in its current form is a very arcadey one at that. Having said alllll that, claiming that every US player sucks just comes off sounding very, very, very ignorant, and you do yourself about as much justice as the “dribbling morons who can’t read”

  33. F says:

    Lag is always annoying no matter what part of the world you are from. OP, you are not a shining example of intellect. Your silly banter puts you right around that “dribbling moron” level.

    I have no more control over matchmaking than you do. The shooter genre is very ping sensative, you’d think they’d realize this by now and do something about these matchmaking shenanigans.

    Your post sucked sweaty balls, but I hope the venting settled your douche attitude.

  34. x ViolenCe v2 says:

    Okay. So, If you get host, you think no one else is going to lag or about lag when they lose? I can go play any game type, on any connection, and someone will lag. No one has a perfect connection. I understand where your coming from but I don’t need host to do good, just as you said. I can go on a shit connection and do just as good as anyone. Not saying I’m the best to play the game, but I don’t suck.

  35. Jeremy says:

    I didn’t say Americans get host EVERY time, but it’s NEARLY every time. Nobody minds a reasonable bit of lag – but what pisses us non-Americans off is that IW has taken out the local match filter that was in WaW, which worked fairly well, and just condemned the rest of us to cross-pacific (or, if you’re a pom, cross-Atlantic) lag in nearly every match. The matchmaking system prefers to give hosting to Americans, and it doesn’t let non-Americans choose local matches either.

    There are two possibilities as to why this is:

    1. Infinity Ward are incompetent and Activision don’t give a shit about their non-US customers, despite charging us more for the game.
    2. US customers need the help, and IW is giving them what they need.

    If US players started to be embarrassed about the cheapness of the advantage IW has given them, because everyone else started giving them shit for it, then maybe IW would be more likely to fix the problem. Hence this post.

  36. duh says:

    I like the cheap advantage i get thanx IW for helpin me win. Give me a break its just a game quit cryin about unfair advantages do a system link.

  37. vagrant says:

    i live in kuala lumpur malaysia……….and i lag every match… used to it now……….900 wins 3000 loss

  38. the guy says:

    What we need is for everyone to push for dedicated servers. We all pay a lot of money to play online games (internet, xbox live, the games, etc). There is no real reason why microsoft or infinity ward can’t produce dedicated servers. The only reason is they know they don’t have to(we don’t make them). Most of us that play violate the TOS with our IP when we host the game. When this happens it puts restrictions on your bandwidth and that is what causes the lag. The restrictions are most of the time just temporarily but could be permanent. So for the most part we do not have the ability to host MMO. Somebody needs to crash the IW net and force them to allow dedi servers. Come on guys we are the boss we pay the paychecks we have a say in what we want.

  39. Gray.Knight3445 says:

    lag….. (eye twitch)

    god the lag is horrible sometimes. It gets really annoying that you can get killed EVEN though you dropped behind a damn concrete wall away from the stream of bullets. that is complete bullshit!

  40. Danny says:

    I’ve just had a game now and it was terrible, I think Americans in this topic are not understanding what we mean by lag.. normal lag (the game freezing occasionaly) doesn’t really matter, we can cope with that. But that isn’t the situation when playing with player across seas, Americans seem to get 3 seconds ahead, for instance I run round a corner the american runs around a corner infront of me (i spot him first) I’m dead before I even have chance to aim down my sight. This leaves us with it being almost impossible to kill. I just had a game 9 kills 34 deaths, If I play through the day I average at about 25 kills 10 deaths… IW need to sort out this match making, it really isn’t fair, I might just go back to world at war.

  41. Danny says:

    I forgot to mention, I went on a knife montage using tactical knife on magnum , i stabbed this guy in the back, my knife clearly went in his back, but somehow the american turned around and knifed me (normal knife aswell) and killed me…..

  42. Gray.Knight3445 says:

    @Danny, i know what your talking about, i`m american and i know what your talking about.

  43. Jeremy says:

    Looks like with the new patch matchmaking is fixed! All green bar matches so far.

  44. Ryan says:

    I’m glad to hear that it seems that the matchmaking is better for you guys. I am from the US and I have been dumped in some servers across the ocean and have experienced the lag issues you were describing. It wasn’t often but it was very annoying. I have been dumped in a couple matches after the patch that I was the only one lagging, 1 bar everyone else had 4.

  45. Barleyhogg says:

    No offense, but as long as the servers are mostly based near the US, the people closest to the source will always get the best connection. Not politics, just engineering. Anytime you get a chance to stop over here in America feel free to fire up a game of MW2 and chances are you will still get owned from time to time……everyone does. Anyone who says they have no lag or no host issues and they rape on every match is a liar. I have a 10 mb/sec hardline connection and I still need to put a full ump clip into someone’s head when I am the host. I still feel that IW should have regional hubs, and keep people playing against relatively local players. It’s not like they don’t have the cash.

  46. kanes9287 says:

    I just thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. I hate cross atlantic/pacific games too. I play with a friend in Japan and when he gets host I want to shoot myself :) it’s the same when someone from Europe gets host. I’ve found that it is really impossible to tell if I’m better then the British or if they are better then me because we are NEVER on equal footing. I say go for local servers it would be so much better for everyone. BTW if I ever make it to Ireland like I want then I will finally know if I can beat you Brits or not. Of course I probably won’t… but confidence is what matters, right?

  47. kanes9287 says:

    Also I find the comments about Americans disturbing and quite rude. I understand that most of us are unintelligent, dribbling, dribbling caveman like creatures, but please do not insult all of us. I myself have a respect for people of all cultures, let us not proceed to name calling and debasing of another human being based on the country they live in. Let them, by their actions and words debase themselves. Ok thats all!

  48. Jeremy says:

    The comments were about American Call of Duty players. Have you ever listened to them on Live?

    Anyway, the problem’s solved now – IW has finally patched the thing.

  49. Davey g says:

    Dude you fuckin foreigners suck ass if you ask me they do the shitty match makeing so you fucks dont get your asses handed to you on the australian flag. We will kick your ass my gamer tag is fckastralia so fuck australia fuck australians and fuck kangarooshit me up ill show you how we do

  50. Jeremy says:

    Aww, did widdle american suddenly have to cope with lag like the rest of us? Did the game stop holding his hand for five minutes and he can’t cope? Poor baby.

  51. Funny says:

    these british remarks are horrible at least i know some intelligent ones.. besides that fact im american im on the border of mexico and i have cable internet i usually never lagg and i constantly play with Euro People usually dont lag.. and no not the host usually sometimes yes because well the ywa the server picks its host is by best connection its only common sense why pick a lagger and fuck up the whole match. im 1st prestige lvl 70. im american of course your remarks about americans are biased in fact stupid they are more idiotic then some of the things ive heard euro/american people say. just my 2 cents i hate when people bash on america because of our idiots i could bash just as much on the euro idiots. their still are smart people in both directions. ignorance isn’t something to be proud of my friend.

  52. Jeremy says:

    Who’s british?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Dude, fuck off… Just because you suck at COD doesn’t give you the right to blame it on America and it’s people/companies. All those problems of which you speak are distributed to everyone equally and it’s not even the companies fault. Most of the situations you described are just because a foreigner connecting to a US host would have poor connection (and vice versa); furthermore, the online community is so large that it would deepen the stress already on the connection. Get your facts ass wipe.

  54. Jeremy says:

    Some blog commenters are even stupider than US Xbox Live inhabitants, although the pyramid still remains:

    Stupid —-> Brain dead
    US blog commenters —> youtube commenters —> US Xbox Live users

    The problems of which I speak, anonymous, were indeed the company’s fault. The problem was that we didn’t want to connect to US hosts all the time, but the software forced us to. It did not let us pick local games. IW has now fixed the shitty matchmaking, further proving that it could be done (although Treyarch’s World at War had already shown that).

    Perhaps you should read the post again. “Ass wipe”.

  55. Myke says:

    Here’s what you do. Have your fucking country make it’s own game and then you fags can play each other. Japs made the PS3, Xbox is from Mr Gates in the US. What the fuck have you guys given us? Yeah IW is on American soil mutha fucka. We own this shit! Nobody said you had to play. Go fuck a kangaroo and eat fish and chips bitches.

  56. Jeremy says:

    Good point. Hear that, non-US customers? Don’t buy US products. Americans don’t want us to buy their stuff.

    Myke, I doubt Activision shares your desire not to sell any of their games overseas.

    And Myke, we’re not the “fags” who need our game companies to screw over our online opponents. That’s you.

  57. uk legend says:

    why do brits like myself have to play against the americans? there should be a brit vs brit match etc. so no more lagg! also, americans hack more. i played 20 matches against the usa on cage match and in 15 different matches, the usa got nukes instantly! you can’t even get a uav on a cage match!

  58. uk legend says:

    why do brits like myself have to play against the americans? there should be a brit vs brit match etc. so no more lagg! also, americans hack more. i played 20 matches against the usa on cage match and in 15 different matches, the usa got nukes instantly! you can’t even get a uav in a cage match!

  59. uk legend says:

    what is everyones favourite weapons on cod6? mine are the vector with akimbo because it destroys and the m9 pistol. i also like the model 1887s

  60. Drosxo13 says:

    Well now it seems the matchmaking update is finally on XBL i on longer get matched with us players i’m from greece ‘n’ i get matched with players from europe.However i did a small research to find out what us players think about the matchmaking update.Well everyone of them was complaining that they were getting matched up with 160!!!ms ping and begged ms to go back to the old matchmaking system.That’s just pathetic.

  61. Jeremy says:

    That is pathetic. Proves the point though – they need to be given an unfair advantage to compete.

  62. Drosxo13 says:

    I mean begged IW to go back

  63. Robert says:

    Wow you guys, I just can’t believe the kind of witless arguing going on here. Also I can’t believe how irritating non-americans comments about us and IW are. Unlike my swearing retarded fellow US people I experience lag and not just little amounts, sometimes I quit matches because I can’t move and I don’t believe that we have an advantage. I’m pretty good at MW2 and I still can get owned by people from other countries. This debate has gotten way out of hand, we should be having fun playing the game.

  64. Anonymous says:

    ive played alot of u idiots from over seas as a us player non of you are any good as u so claim to be u guys just b i t c h cuz u guys have little d i c ks and thats what guys with little tiny cant tell if its there is b i t c h b i t c h b i t c h

  65. Drosxo13 says:

    Hey “anonymous” USGAYS suck at mw2 we greeks rape you little bitches with 1 red bar of connection and then your host pulls the ethernet cable full of rage as you destroy your controllers.HAHA you suck

  66. Drosxo13 says:

    And by the way “anonymous” are you also mad with the new matchmaking update?No more host advantae fore you NOOB BITCH

  67. Drosxo13 says:


  68. LocalMMFTW says:

    I find it amusing how people blame everyone else for the lag problem. FYI even if you are in the red you can be playing perfectly fine while everyone else is lagging. I play MW2 once in a while and I always end up being pissed off because of the lag. If I wanted to shoot someone 10 times (and see the x at least 4 times)just for them to run around the corner and regenerate I will play Halo. Speaking of that, the beta is out now for Halo Reach. Maybe with some competition IW will get off their ass and make their matchmaking better.

  69. wallaroo32 says:

    Infinity Ward can make a great game, but their peer to peer hosting system is terrible, WE NEED DECICATED SERVERS PLKTHX.

  70. TACKLEBERRY77 says:

    you knew this was coming you kangaroo barbie mate pinhead. play me, today, whatever you pick, and us americans will put a moonroof in your head,

    los angeles, usa

  71. Jeremy says:

    Only if the game gives you hosting… and probably not even then.

  72. Frank says:

    This entire article was just Q.Q Q.Q Q.Q Q.Q Q.Q Q.Q Q.Q

  73. Jeremy says:

    I don’t think the thicky yanks get it.

    They’re like YouTube commenters.

  74. Eric says:

    To be honest, Jeremy… while I strongly dislike american gaming companies and most american gamers, reacting as you do when an american replies provocatively to a rant that is provocative to them is hypocritical. Your goal here is to vent, it says so right on top of the page. Assume it.

    As for the topic itself, I would say that it’s the last possibility that is true, being that IW is incompetent and doesn’t care. Like most american companies. And if an american patriot calls me name for that, I’ll know I asked for it and it will go way over my head.

  75. Jeremy says:

    I’m stirring, but stirring with a point.

  76. Philip says:

    I wouldn’t say that we suck Jeremy, however, that is an unfair advantage. I myself suffer from lag issues most of the time but really it’s only an issue of 1-2 seconds. Which can be enough to get me killed by a knifer halfway across the room, or I get killed when I’m far enough around the corner not to get shot anymore. My lag isn’t as bad as yours but I can at least somewhat feel your pain. Honestly, I’ve been a firm believer of regional connections, at least until they get their shit together and we can all play together on equal footing. It sucks because I do love playing with Europeans. At least you guys (for the most part) take winning and losing with a sense of dignity.

  77. Jeremy says:

    Europeans? I’m in Australia.

    The point of this post is that unless IW is saying that Americans suck and need the hosting advantage to compete, they should fix the matchmaking.

  78. Him says:

    Just one question. Why should IW give two shits about players overseas in the first place? It’s supply and demand. You want it so bad that you buy it anyway KNOWING full-well it’s a US based company that makes the game, so why should they cater to you? What you think your connection is like light speed or something? Get fucking real. I lag around so bad on and off 1 bar and 2 bar. I know that’s what it’s like for ya’ll playing on our host, but that’s the way it’s suppose to be.

    Why don’t y’all find some people competent to make a DECENT FPS from over there so we can complain about how shitty the hosts are all day instead of whining about something that’s never going to change. : ) G’Day sir!

  79. Him says:

    One other thing, IW doesn’t even give two shits about it’s American customers, so there’s your answer plain and simple.

  80. Jeremy says:

    “Why should IW give two shits about players overseas in the first place?”

    ‘Cos it wants us to buy their products in the future?

    Particularly since it seems to get away with charging us 50% more for the same thing. We’re very profitable for ’em.

    “What you think your connection is like light speed or something?”

    You’re an idiot. I’m saying the game should match us with closer players, not loud-mouthed yanks across the Pacific.

    “Why don’t y’all find some people competent to make a DECENT FPS from over there”

    You, sir, should be in Activision’s marketing department.

  81. Him says:

    Oh I already applied.

  82. TACKLEBERRY77 says:

    fuck australia, i got a 600 game win streak your a fly on my shirt, you got koalas and kangaroos you pinhead, cancel christmas

  83. Jeremy says:

    Lucky IW helps you out with matchmaking, isn’t it?

  84. Jeremy is an arragont prick says:

    @ Jeremy and everyone else doing this. Quit fucking stereotyping you pompous dicks. Every time you say something to the effect of, “even when we lag we kick you American’s asses” or “I love when American’s ask me really dumb questions about where I’m from.”

    For being as vastly intelligent as you make yourselves out to be you think you would realize you cant generalize an entire country off of select encounters.

    Back to point, your all butt hurt over non localized hosting. It’s not the American gamers fault so quit bashing us over it.

  85. Jeremy says:

    I think you missed the point of this post, mate.

  86. harry says:

    As most FPS games not JUST COD you’ll get players ftom all over the WORLD not just AMERICANS that suck
    they CAMP use grenada launchers RPGs and such
    it’s the Complete LACK of Skill AND BRAIN CELLS
    I’m not AMERICAN I’m from NORTH of there CANADA
    PSN id {angrystslayer}
    ( also XBOX SUCKS nintendo 2 )

  87. what a joke says:

    idk who this jeremy kid is but you sound like a douche. There is no localizing matchmaking because wtf is the point of online gaming when you can no longer play with people across the world just those within 2000 miles? sorry that you lag but i believe someone already told you that it is due to your ISP. it probably isn’t terrible but the game is designed to pick a host with the greatest bandwidth and unfortunately for you its usually an american and i don’t have a problem with that because i am american and so is the majority of online gamers and so are the companies developing these games. god forbid they try to give the best experience to the majority of the players. maybe if you lucky some americans will move to australia and start making games specifically for you like “The Showdown: Stingray Vs. Steve Irwin”. that’d probably be comparable to street fighter.

  88. Jeremy says:

    It’s not my ISP, mate, we get perfectly good games when Aussies are hosts. It’s just when the matchmaking lets US players take over that it’s a problem.

    There’s no reason why there shouldn’t be a local country filter like there was in WaW, so that players who only want to play non-laggy matches can play locally.

    Oh, and hey, nice stupid stereotypes btw. You get that they make you look much more stupid for believing them than they do us, right?

  89. what a joke says:

    call me stupid all you want buddy. i know your frustrated that you dont get to live in the best country on earth. i’d be jealous too.

  90. Jeremy says:

    “Best country on earth”?!


    You can’t even manage to provide healthcare for all your citizens, and yet you still pay more per capita than any of the rest of us.

  91. Bernie says:

    And you have the highest percentage of population in jail of any country in the world

    and you have mass shootings at friggin schools

    and your education system sucks anyway

    and you have FOX news channel

    bloody seppos.

  92. Kyle says:

    Alright I find this absolutely hilarious (please ignore the spelling… not my strong suit). this whole “we kick ur ass even when we lag and shit” and “u english bitch tits just cant handle our better technology” is all bullshit. It really is just the distance. Im an american but i get shit connection on my ps3 and its wired in. And im going to agree that its the distance from the host. now im not %100 percent sure but ima say that there are hellz more american players then all the other countries combined and that is why americans get the host more. i can only guess that the host is picked by which person gives like an overall better connection to all the players as a whole. (cant really find a better way to explain it as im not a huge internet techy) but seeing as most players are american and also from the coastal areas that is why non-american players get shit connection (red/yellow) and me.. an american.. gets shit because i live in south dakota… no people. im lucky to get a 3bar connection. and i usually go 5:1 k/d ratio on my yellow connection and im f’in wired in. no wireless bullshit… but like jeremy said when he gets a 4bar connection he prolly rapes pwncakes.. and im the same way. going from 2 bars to 4bars (its like fuckin christmas) makes me go around 37-45 for kills and around 2-4 deaths.. i dont nuke fyi.. but playing on shit connection has made my reaction time so fast on mw2 that when i get 4bars i completely rape.. so its definatley not “americans are shit-house players” because some of us americans struggle through the same problem… hell there are east and west coast fucks that dont even no south dakota is part of america.. IW is just full of fuck ups that cant figure out that they need some damn dedicated servers and local matchmaking… i get sick of listening to that damn nigger talk in every game.. id much rather play with non-americans cause they dont talk like some fuck up wannabe nigger gangsters who are just gonna end up on the street anyways.. so im in agreeance with jeremy + some racism! yay!!… and again. its IW’s fuck ups not that americans suck donkey dick. and please forgive my horrible spelling and how i tend to make up words as i go

  93. Kyle says:

    well maybe not localizing matchmaking but somehow fix the bullshit with the lag and get some dedicated servers… im sick of lag switchers anyways

  94. Kyle says:

    I read that you mentioned infinite grenades… Congratulations, you have discovered ‘Noob Tubing’ Put on OMA, and danger close, and you can shoot an infinite amount of grenades with massive explosive range! Oh, the skill this takes!

  95. Scott says:

    The reason why Americans get host so often is based on there host record, the more people you put on green bar the better your host record is. Americans about 95% of the time in there timezone they get paired up with Americans meaning there host records are alot better if they have enough upload speed to host the game. Foreign countries to America have bad host records because a good percentage of the time we don’t get paired with enough players from our country meaning we wont pull host often because the system thinks our host is bad.

  96. golden says:

    i have to agree with all these statements so far i have a 4mb connection and i can’t even find a game atm it says No games found /24 potential games found WTF is my 4mb so shit that i can’t even conenct to Americans ????
    and i think thats they shoukd have enhanced signals + dedicated servers to help the international players instead of giving the local Americans the boost its totally not fair to the res tof us paying our cash for games that are completely slow/laggy online because of where they are.

  97. golden says:

    at kyle paragraphs my friend paragraphs but nice read none the less :P

  98. yes says:

    You know most Americans don’t use that stuff right? I don’t and neither do most of the people I play with. the vast majority of Americans get mad when they see someone with that stuff.

  99. yank says:

    I will rape any british faggot out there on any server, get the fuck out of here with your unfair advantage bullshit. Sorry your country sucks so bad you have nothing else to do but sit around all day playing COD anyways, but any day, any map, any of u dumb brits, bring it on.

  100. Jeremy says:


    You win the special ribbon, yank.

  101. Golden says:

    I just played a FFA everyone had good internet but me lol and ive got a good connection i checked the time and its like 4pm im arerica but the lag didn’t stop me u live with it eventually like the other guy said u use it to your advantage because when im host im really evil i put like 1k u-tube vids on so the yanks lag like they can’t believe :D talk about sweet revenge….!

  102. Anon says:

    Wow, I honestly tried to read all this crap, but it really sounds like you’re experiencing the exact same thing I am, and I’m American. I don’t understand why you feel the need to take snide jabs because of a problem (IW’s half assed network coding to be specific) that we neither caused, nor have the ability to fix. And believe you me, I would flay the skin off of everyone at IW and dip them in salt, given the chance. P2P connections for games ruin almost everybodies fun, I would suggest not purchasing any more games that use P2P connections for multiplayer, I know I’m not going to.

  103. dylan says:

    if u are playing in a lobby full of americans and u lag its because your running off a foreign server and if its 1 american they lag for the same reason even when me and my candan friend play spec ops i lag hardcore

  104. Mike says:

    Well Anon… We’re Americans. We’re just bad by default to many people. Many foreigners think it’s 100% fine to make sweeping generalizations as long as you’re talking about Americans.

  105. Anonymous says:

    activison is the source. and its not a american owned company its french..

  106. Anonymous says:

    i never lag.. i suggest getting a better isp =)

  107. MK says:

    Americans just palin suck. to simply put it, anytime WE get host they fail hard, when they get host we CAN still win. They just fail imo

  108. TrueRedWhite&Blue says:

    Yeah, lets name-call everyone that doesn’t love America. That’ll prove ’em wrong. …. Grow up. Go read a book or something. Half the time you little tween bitches can’t even spell “faggot” correctly. Which, BTW, is not a synonym for “stupid”. I’ll give you a piece of advice your mother should have given you. If you don’t have anything intelligent to add, then STFU. I’ll revamp it for the net….”If you can’t spell “intelligent”, then STFU”. You’re an embarrassment to us Americans who aren’t brainwashed.

    Anyways, I don’t see why our fellow gamers across the seas shouldn’t have dedi servers for local MM. You’re money is just as good as ours. A well worded angry letter that basically says “give us what we want or fuck off” usually works. I’m all for it. Every gamer, no matter where you live, should have the option of a lag free OG experience. Games are supposed to be fun, not little headache factories.

  109. James says:

    ITT: Anti-Americanism and stereotypes. Also act as though all stereotypes are true, regardless of how ignorant and mundane.

    On a more serious note, we experience the same conditions in the states, IW dropped the ball with MW2, with unbalanced weaponry, unreal amounts of hacking, and connections worse than what I can even program in Java(Hooray carry-on sentence). Treyarch, will hopefully take to heart all the complaints and frailties that were part of the MW2 experience.

    “Aww, did widdle american suddenly have to cope with lag like the rest of us? Did the game stop holding his hand for five minutes and he can’t cope? Poor baby.”
    -I love how people take the internet so serious, half the people responding to this thread reply with the same damn name(Yes, it doesn’t have to be the same person), but chances are it is actually some troll going back and forth (American then someone outside the U.S.). Then there’s the kid factor, if you ever expect some kid to respond with correct grammar and an educated opinion, you have not been on the internet very long(Or long enough). This happens more often than people think, and as long as there are posts websites don’t care. And as long as people can find a reason, everything is America’s fault.

  110. Bruce says:

    I live in america and i used to not get lagged but now every match i join i get lagged. stop blaming it on the lag.

  111. Mick says:

    I’m an expat in Dubai and play quite a bit of MW2 online and of all the nationalities I play with the Brits are insufferable. They whine and winge and bitch and complain about everything! If they lose they whine, if they win, they whine….it’s just a brit whine fest. If they camp and then someone else camps, their selective memory kicks in and they bitch about the guy camping them. It’s crazy. If they are brits under 15, they just like to make noise and sing ust to annoy everyone else. Actually, the U.S. are the only ones that are calm and cool

  112. steve says:

    I have a bad internet connection, so i feel the pain of lag. And to all the questions.. i have no idea.. but I’m willing to say Americans are just about as good as anyone else in the world. there will always be somebody better.

    now that i rambled myself off topic. who is the best mw2 player?

  113. DagenhamSteve says:

    Hehe, just wasted about 20 minutes of my life reading through this, and I think after that and some deductive reasoning if IW could pit me against noone under 25 from US or BRITAIN I would have a far more enjoyable experience.

  114. twodogs says:

    I happen to be an American with an “A” rated connection, 19ms ping on, that has major issue with the connections in this game. I shoot someone 6 times in the chest and get knifed from 20 foot away (this is a regular occurrence). I have chosen to continue to play the game and keep most of the bitching to myself. We can all hope that IWNET will address the issues with lag, matchmaking and hacking, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  115. American says:

    We get blamed because everyone gets pwned against us. wow, sore losers, americans pwn, get over it.

  116. babsontask says:

    The only things these replies needed was an “Oh yeah? Then go live in Russia then!.

  117. Conrads11 says:

    Agreed Jeremy. The game is absolutely spoiled. I have many a time ran around a corner to be killed with no chance to react. When on killcam the yank has time to stop look and scope. Making it seem like your crud. Americans must realise that when they come around a corner and fire is not returned 90% of the time its lag. Or my all time favourite you’ve hit a guy but on kill cam you havent fired. Shocking. The thing that really bugs though is when you discuss it with them and all you get back is I’m ace or your crap. Which is just the arrogance of them. Id easy rack up 30-40 kills every game if I had their connection. People dying when you hit them with moooooore than enough rounds and they can just stroll through claymores minus lightweight and marathon. Good game made unplayable via lag

  118. Anonymous says:

    Don’t live so damn far away from the rest of the people in the world that play this game, and you won’t suck so bad, author. Cripes. Do you know how many times my Yankee butt has been torn by Aussies in FPS games? TONS. In EVERY recent FPS game I’ve played. MW1 & 2, BFBC2, etc. Get over it and move out of the sticks, maybe get yourself a better connection than 2 tin cans and a piece of string.

  119. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Being anti-American is a trendy crutch for a lot of grumpy losers, but this tops everything.

  120. Anonymous says:

    From what I’ve seen, most of these comments are just ignorant, thoughtless opinions. No, companies don’t do this on purpose, deal with it. If you think they do then go ahead and show some evidence, otherwise you are just complaining. Saying US players suck just because of peer-peer connection is just unnecessary. The game/game company has nothing against anyone, there is always gonna be someone better than you and if you don’t like dealing with lag, simply don’t play it. For future flamers no I am not from the US, nor Australia and not from England either, just a citizen from the world that also deals with lag in video games.

  121. Kuala Lumpur Tourist Attractions…

    Do Americans just suck at COD:MW2? « When Games Suck…

  122. Anonymous says:

    I can safely say that I hate 98% of the American people I’ve ever heard or spoken to because of their lack of intellect and capability to put together a reasonable argument. The majority of the time they claim that their win was due to pure skill and nothing to do with the fact that I was on a red or yellow connection. I agree with Jeremy’s original post in that American’s do have an unfair advantage, one single American can join a game full of Australian’s and take host. What I’m saying is that the game needs an option to find a game within your locale only, not just for Australian gamer’s but for all gamer’s everywhere so they can play with a good connection and with people who share similar social behaviors. Please don’t take me first sentence as an insult, I was merely trying to reinforce the fact that the MAJORITY of players would like to play with people form their own country.

  123. Anonymous says:

    I’ve played against europeans and aussies while they were hosting and have never come across a good one. So I’m going to go ahead and go with, someone got their ass handed to them and of course its everything else in the worlds fault and it couldn’t possibly be that the player is just an over hyped mediocre player. I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’m never going to play a good Australian or European player in MW2. Maybe it will be different in MW3. Oh and FYI I mostly play with 2 yellow bars or 1 red bar and on rare occasions 3 green bars… of course when 3 green bars comes around its not even a game anymore. It’s just dead aussies and europeans all over the place, makes me have to stop playing because shit gets too easy.

  124. Anonymous says:

    If you want an example of how arrogant the american gamers are, ask the guys at mlg why there is no aussie ladder, you’ll get so many responses saying it’s because aussies suck, yet they don;t realise how terrible they are. About 18 months back I had no lag at all, me and my Halo 3 team were usually rolling 50-10 in Team slayer, death came rarely as we could dodge gunfire. We organise a game against an MLG pro team and… lag hits us like a fucking truck, we lose any chance at becoming pro gamers and are laughed out of everywhere that we try to join. All becaue a bunch of fucking americans are too fucking arrogant to realise that they can’t play for shit.

  125. Jay says:

    Shut up, stop acting like girls, and play the damn game. There are Americans that suck…and Americans that have skills. That goes for everyone one else in this world. We are ALL to arrogant to realize were all the same.

  126. new arrival game…

    […]Do Americans just suck at COD:MW2? « When Games Suck[…]…

  127. bassualdo says:

    that is why i like CS. I can kill lots of americans! Does anyone know another game where is possible to kill this rats?

  128. Anonymous says:

    just for those americans that have said you give us everything and australia gies you nothing ive got a few examples of things invented in australia that im quite sure you guys would use in america: premix cement trucks, clotheslines, eskies, utes, Inflatable Aircraft Escape Slide & Raft( used on basically every passenger plane in the world), electric drill, notepad, latex gloves, twostroke lawnmower, aerogard insect repellent, garage roller door, REFRIGERATION!, wine cask, pacemakers, bionic ears, PENICILLIN, self constructing tower crane(like to see you build highrises without that), WIFI AND WIRELESS LAN!, google maps, dual flush toilets(i’d imagine most americans have that)
    And also for those americans who say they have the best internet speeds in the world, wrong, the fastest would be South Korea followed by Hong Kong and Japan, YOU GUYS DONT EVEN MAKE THE TOP TEN!!!

  129. Randal says:

    I agree. I can confortably go around 40/20 average in an american red bar lobby. But the point is I should be going more like 50-5 every game. I’ve found that people from Aus (my home country) are a lot better than the Average American CoD player. They Are rather terrible, that’s not to say All of course. I want to move to America to be able to play against all those noobs, on an Amazing connection.

  130. Americans are f**king a$$holes says:

    Oh god can’t i wait till that NBN kicks in, in australia.I already get decent games against sh*thouse americans, only god can imagine the scores i’ll be getting when NBN happens in australia against those pussy ass americans.Americans are f**king a$$holes.

  131. Commonsence says:

    All anti Americans,are sissy,bitch,coward ass,dick sucking,mother and father fuckers.May you all rot in pig shit. Not one of you has enough balls to stand toe, and nose to me,and run your mouth

  132. Sorry about the double post. But seriously don’t say Americans suck when you loose due to lag take it up with Activision not the ill educated dumbasses posting how they are god at COD. You also said that the American Government doesn’t do free healthcare, thats because that would cost taxes that Liberal nutjobs like you would force upon the people. I like Blunty3000 because he atleast has common sense.
    I wished America can push fair trade so our country doesn’t suffer like Europe is suffering.

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  134. Fad3d says:

    U my friend r a fucking idiot

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    Do Americans just suck at COD:MW2? | When Games Suck

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    Do Americans just suck at COD:MW2? | When Games Suck

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