Sony PlayTV impressions

Reader LGWS wants to share his experiences with the PlayTV/PS3 bundle:

Let me start by saying that Sony’s new ‘PlayTV’ device is a bargain.

Converting a next gen console into a full-blown High-Definition DVR for ~$150? Brilliant.

  1. Scheduled recording is SPECTACULARLY easy. Find the program you want, select, choose record and it’s done. Even better, you can start the recording early, or finish it late, if you don’t trust the TV networks.

  2. Free EPG over the air… no subscription fees.
  3. Very easy to set up and use, download a system update and you’re away!
  4. Sony even gives you a sticker to overlay over your Sony remote, so buttons are easily found.

BUT, like with all things Sony, there are a couple of flaws:

  1. It plugs in to a USB cable, so you have to permanently have a USB cable coming out the front of your shiny new console, and

  2. When you finish viewing something recorded on the DVR, it just freezes on the last frame, until you press stop. (and when you go to view the same program again, you have to reset it to the start manually) {Jeremy: the PS3 does this with all videos, not just PlayTV ones}

This second issue is a HUGE deal if you have a plasma, and put on an episode of ‘Thomas & Friends’ for your 2 year old, who doesn’t know how to manipulate Sony’s remote controller, leaving an image on screen to “burn in”.

Anyway, I highly recommend this product if you don’t have a DVR already, or only have a Standard-Defintion DVR, or have children (ABC has 3 channels showing children’s TV during the day!) or just want to get rid of your current set-top box.

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2 Responses to Sony PlayTV impressions

  1. LGWS says:

    i agree with me! :-)

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